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BAOR, Germany, Army Corps Assets (1986-1990) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - United Kingdom
Thursday, 01 March 2001 11:50

United Kingdom
Quality: NATO 1
Morale: 1/2 Veteran 1/2 Regular

This article originally appeared in the SOTCW's Journal No.39 (Early 2001).

1 Artillery Brigade Group:
39th Heavy Artillery Regiment: 4 x M110A2 8" SPG, 1 x FO.
5th Heavy Depth Fire Regiment: 3 x M107 175mm SPG, 1 x FO (and 1 x FV432 with Cymbeline*).
32nd Heavy Depth Fire Regiment: 4 x M107 175mm SPG, 1 x FO (and 1 x FV432 with Cymbeline*).
50th Missile Regiment: 3 x Lance SRBM.
94th Locating Regiment: (3 x Landrovers towing Cymbeline*, 2 x CL89 Midge Drone UAV Lorries, 1 x FV432 Sound/Flash Locator Stand**.)

16th & 22nd Air Defence Regiments, each:
2 SP AA Batteries, each: 3 x Tracked Rapier (TR1).
2 Towed AA Batteries, each: 3 x Towed Rapier & Landrovers.

1 Helicopter Transport Squadron (RAF): 3 x Puma.

1 Helicopter Transport Squadron (RAF): 4 x CH47 Chinook.

1 Helicopter Scout Squadron (Army Air Corps): 3 x Recon Gazelle AH1.

28th Amphibious Engineer Regiment:
RHQ: 1 x HQ Sultan, 1 x Recon Ferret Scout Car.
2 Squadrons, each: 6 x M2 Alligator Bridges.
1 Squadron: 1 x FV180 CET, 3 x M2 Alligator (plus 2 reserve unmanned M2 Alligator Stands).

32nd Armoured Engineer Regiment:
RHQ: 1 x HQ FV434, 1 x Recon Ferret Scout Car.
3 Armoured Engineer Squadrons, each: 2 x Centurion AVRE, 2 x Chieftain AVLB, 1 x FV180 CET.

Corps Independent Engineering Assets:
5 Engineer Field Squadrons, each: 3 x FV432 Engineer Combat Teams, 1 x FV180 CET.
2 Engineer Support Squadrons, each: 1 x MGB Bridge (and 2 Tractors/Dozers, 1 x Digger/Excavator, 1 x Crane.)

* Cymberline is a Mortar Locating Radar which can be used for related Radar Location tasks. It’s presence is abstracted into MSH by the Counter Battery & EW Rules.

** Provides additional Counter Battery and similar locating capabilities for Artillery Formations so is already factored into MSH Counter Battery & EW rules.

Contributor: © 2001 Mark Bevis (of MicroMark Army Lists).

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