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Modern Spearhead Scenarios
Operation Burning Sands: Counterattack at Mu’amur, Iraq 1988 PDF Print E-mail
Games - Scenarios
Saturday, 01 January 2000 19:15

GHQ AC5 A10 Warthog/ThunderboltWhen the campaign in Afghanistan escalated into a major Soviet effort for domination of the Middle East, the United States was forced to intervene. In Operation: Black Gold the U.S. expeditionary force successfully halted a Soviet incursion into staunch U.S.-supporter Iraq. As part of a Corps-wide maneuver, 1st Cavalry Division has been ordered to counter-attack Soviet positions along the border. On the 9 April 1988 the 39th U.S. Armored Brigade is attacking positions in the Mu’amur valley held by a reinforced Motor Rfle Regiment from the 18th Guards Motor Rifle Division.

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Mazrat Al-Jami, Golan Heights, Syria 1998 PDF Print E-mail
Games - Scenarios
Friday, 01 January 1999 11:49

GHQ W81 T72M1Mazrat Al-Jami is one of the original play test scenarios developed by Alex Macris during Modern Spearhead's development - it features a hypothetical Syrian breakthrough in the Golan Heights after a surprise SRBM Gas Attack, and a corresponding Israeli response by rushing reserves in to plug the gap. Force size sees an Israeli Para Brigade attempting to thwart a breakthrough by a Reinforced Syrian Tank Brigade in an encounter style battle.


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Krasnovian Invasion, USA 1999 PDF Print E-mail
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Games - Scenarios
Monday, 01 February 1999 20:56

GHQ W46 T-80 with Reactive ArmourModern Spearhead demo scenario from PointCon 1999. It is a scenario based on an actual U.S. training battle fought at NTC.

The Soviet backed Krasnovian forces have launched a massive invasion of the Southern Continental United States. The Krasnovian 15th Combined Arms Army is moving to capture the juncture of Interstates 15 and 40 at Barstow, California, thus cutting off the main route leading from Arizona into Los Angeles. This area is being defended by the U.S. 20th Corps.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 March 2010 08:19
Clash in the Bekka, Lebanon 1982 PDF Print E-mail
Games - Scenarios
Tuesday, 01 December 1998 17:16

GHQ IS6 Merkava 1It is 1982 and the Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon is in full swing. A premeptive Israeli advance up the Bekaa Valley to clear it of Palestinian Insurgents has threatened the Damascus-Beirut Highway and resulted in a Syrian response, and a pending armored clash as the two spearheads of the two forces meet. This is one of the original Modern Spearhead play-test scenarios and features a small high-quality Israeli Brigade facing a reasonably strong Syrian Tank Division.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 March 2010 20:00

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