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Iraqi Armoured & Mechanised Divisions (1979-88) PDF Print E-mail
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TO&Es - Iraq
Monday, 02 April 2001 13:04

Quality: WARPAC 2 or Third World (see below)
Morale: 1/2 Regular 1/2 Green initially (see below)

Divisional Headquarters: 1-HQ BTR-50 or BTR-60PB.

2-Armoured Brigades, each:

Brigade Group Headquarters: 1-HQ BTR-50 or BTR-60PB.
Brigade Recon Company: 2 or 3-Recon BRDM-2.
Brigade AA Company: 2 or 3-ZSU-23-4 or ZSU 57-2 [1].
Brigade Engineering Company[2]: 2 or 3-BTR-60PB Engineer Combat Teams.
3-Armoured Battalions, each:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ MBT [3].
3-Tank Companies, each with: 2 or 3-MBTs [3].
1-Mechanised Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ APC [4], 1-APC[4] SA-7 SAM Stand.
3-Infantry Companies, each with: 3-APC[4] Combat Teams.
1-Weapons Company: 2-AT or ATGW Stands[5], 1-82mm Mortar Stand in APC[4].

1-Mechanised Brigade: 
Brigade Group Headquarters: 1-HQ BTR-60PB or BTR-152.
Brigade Recon Company: 2 or 3-Recon BRDM-2.
Brigade AA Company: 2 or 3-ZSU 57-2 or towed Twin 23mm & Trucks[1].
Brigade Engineering Company[2]: 3-BTR-60PB Engineer Combat Teams.
1-Armoured Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ MBT [3].
3-Tank Companies, each with: 2 or 3-MBTs [3].
3-Mechanised Battalions:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ APC[4], 1-APC[4] SA-7 SAM Stand. 
3-Infantry Companies, each with: 3-APC[4] Combat Teams.
1-Weapons Company: 2-AT or ATGW Stands[5], 1-82mm Mortar Stand in APC[4].

1 or 2-Divisional Commando Companies, each: 3-BTR-60PB Combat Teams[6].

1-Artillery Regiment:
Regiment Headquarters: 1-HQ Stand in Truck. 
3-Field Artillery Battalions, each: 4-122mm towed Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.
1-Medium Artillery Battalion: 4-152mm towed Howitzers & Trucks, 1 x FO.
1-Anti-Tank Battalion:
BHQ: 1-HQ Stand in Truck.
2-AT Companies, each: 2-Anti-Tank Gun or SPAT Stands[7].
1 Anti-Aircraft Battalion:
Battalion Headquarters:
BHQ: 1-HQ Stand in Truck.
3-AA Companies, each with: 4-ZSU-57-2 or S-60 towed 57mm Guns & Trucks.

1-Engineering Battalion: 
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ Stand in Truck.
3-Engineering Companies, each with: 3-Engineer Stands & Trucks.
1-Equipment/Bridging Company: 1-Engineer Stand & Truck, 1-Bridge & Truck.

1-Reconnaisance Battalion[8]:
Battalion Headquarters: 1-HQ APC[4].
1 or 2-Light Recce or Armoured Car Companies, each: 2 or 3-Recon AFVs[9].
1-Recon Tank Company: 1 or 2-Recon PT-76.


[1] Favoured Armoured Brigades had ZSU-23-4, other Brigades using the older ZSU-57-2. Some Mechanised Brigades, in less favoured Divisions appear to have had towed Twin 23mm weapons.

[2] The actual existence of the Engineer Companies at Brigade Level at this time is implied but unconfirmed.

[3] Tank units had 50 actual tanks - 10-11 MSH Stands, suggesting they weren't using the standard Soviet Organisation of 30 or so tanks per battalion. The actual tanks can be (in order of commonality); T-54, T-55, T-62, AMX-30, T-72. Basically Iraq started the war equipped with T-54's and some T-55's. From 1982 the Soviet's lifted their embargo and began supplying T-55's and T-62's (The latter possibly going to early Republican Guard Armoured units which were being expanded because of the war). About the same time France started supplying equipment and numbers of AMX-30 were supplied. The Soviets also supplied T-72's in small numbers, but these don't to appear to have been in the front line until the war entered it's final phase (1986-88).

[4] A great variety of APC's were used, favoured Armoured Brigades in Armoured Divisions received BMP-1's for their mechanised battalions, other mechanised battalions used BTR-60PB, OT-62's & 64's, French EE-11's, or BTR-50's. Some lesser units (probably not in the Armoured Divisions, but perhaps 1 or 2 of the Mech Divisions) were using the very old BTR-152's.

[5] The Battalion Anti-Tank assets can include any 2 of the following: AT-3C Sagger Stand in APC[4] or BRDM-2 Sagger C Stand, or 107mm RR GAZ Jeep; or after 1982 Milan I Stand in APC[4] or VCR HOT I Stand or BRDM-3 AT-5 Spandrel Stand.

[6] Commando/Special Forces Companies could vary, some were only mounted in Jeeps, and reportedly might occasionally have 1 stand as BRDM-2 equipped or a similar light AFV. Commando Companies should always be Morale Regular until 1986, from 1987 they may be Veteran in select units.

[7] The Divisional Anti-Tank Battalion in Armoured Divisions could have SU-100 or Kurassier SOG's, in Mechanised Divisions usually towed 100mm ATGs & Trucks, otherwise occasionally SU-100s.

[8] Reconnaisance Battalion organisation seems to have varied a bit - possibly because of the influence of the mix of Soviet, French, and other Western Nations. Therefore we have allowed the option for 1 or 2 companies of light AFV's and Armoured Cars in addition to the standard 'pre-80's Soviet Doctrine' PT-76 Company.

[9] The Recon Companies can be equipped as any of the following; BRDM-2's, EE-9's, ERC-90's, or a mix of AML-60's and AML-90's.

Iraq experienced major problems maintaining its mechanised units. From 1981 until 1986 units should always have only 2/3 or less of the AFV Stands listed above, and some Mechanised Companies and even Battalions should be reduced to Infantry in Trucks.

Mechanised Divisions are a reversal of this organisation (1-Tank and 3-Mechanised Brigades). Treat Mechanised Divisions/Brigades as 1/3 Regular, 2/3 Green.

After 12 months of the Iran-Iraq war (i.e. about Sept '81) all Armoured & Mechanised Divisions and Brigades should be treated as 1/4 Regular, 3/4 Green. From 1985 they improve (back) to 1/2 Regular, 1/2 Green, and in 1988 Regular Army Armoured & Mechanised units have further improved to 3/4 Regular, 1/4 Green. Note all Republican Guard units from 1987 become 1/4 Veteran, 3/4 Regular regardless of the above.

Treat Iraqis as Warpac 2 initially, falling to Third World in 1983-86. In 1987 the Iraqi forces revert to Warpac 2 status as their forces are rebuilt and re-equipped.

This is only a guideline TO&E and subject to further research.

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