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Modern Spearhead Game Reports
Call To Arms 2005: "Alsfeld" Mega-Game PDF Print E-mail
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Games - Game Reports
Wednesday, 31 August 2005 00:01

Aldsfeld Game in progressCall to Arms is a regular convention held in August each year in Wellington, New Zealand. Having previously run a couple of Spearhead Mega-Games (including a Crete 1941, Maleme game) successfully, local MSH players Pete Connor & Rhys Batchelor decided to try a hand at a Modern Spearhead game assisted by other local gamers and joined by several other New Zealand Wargamers on a table 20' x 6'.

It is Summer 1984, and tensions are high between East & West, and an unusual Soviet build-up has occurred along the Iron Curtain ostensibly under the grounds of annual exercises. NATO forces have been raised to high alert, and preparatory steps are taken for potential hostilities although full mobilisation has not been initiated for fear of pre-empting hostilities...

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